With Christmas behind us, let us start the new year with the power of HOPE.

Irrespective of who we are – parents, teenagers or young adults just starting out in the real world, we will continue to encounter obstacles and disappointments and sometimes failures.  These are useful lessons in life which will enable you to understand what went wrong and how you can rectify them.

You do not give up easily nor do you let go of your dreams.  Let the power of hope be your guide and inspiration.

During her farewell speech, the outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama has urged young people not to lose hope, even when they encounter they inevitable obstacles.

“It is our fundamental belief in the power of hope that has allowed us to rise above the voices of doubt and division, of anger and fear that we have faced in our own lives and the life of this country,” Obama said. “Our hope that if we work hard enough and believe in ourselves, we can be whatever we dream, regardless of the limitations that others may place on us.”