The power of affirmations

Affirmations are powerful statements as they steer us to take actions that will deliver the desired results.

Too often we harbour negative thoughts like” It is too difficult to do this or to do that”.

Life’s pretty tough, if you only knew what I’ve been through”.  If these messages are repeated

often enough, we actually re-create disappointing experiences in life by repeatedly thinking thoughts of

failure and by telling the same negative stories to ourselves and others.

What if you decide to change your thoughts, beliefs and stories to more positive statements that

also have the power to activate your sub-conscious mind?  By repeating those positive statements

you also affirm the person you are and the person you are becoming.  They become the foundation

to your future.

Affirmations serve as a tool to focus the mind on our positive future.  Whatever you speak,

your sub-conscious mind will absorb it and strive to manifest it.

So you have to be aware of your thoughts and the words you choose to say in order to

achieve your desired result at the end of the day.