Loving Yourself

Hey Guys

What does loving yourself mean?

We think the reason for our unhappiness is “out there,” and we go around searching

for someone, or something, to solve it for us.

We do whatever we can to avoid looking inward, because looking inward feels scary.

It means acknowledging our sadness, remembering past hurts, facing our fears.

We reject self-love as the powerful, uplifting force in our lives it can be. We reduce it to

the territory of “conceited people” or scoff at the absurdity of “positive affirmations.”

When you love yourself it means that:

You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, because you know the only opinion

that matters about your self-worth is your own.

You don’t accept bad treatment, or social pressure, or feel compelled to do things

you don’t want to do just because you are “supposed to.”

You can fully accept and enjoy being loved by someone else. You aren’t doubtful of their feelings.

You never worry if their love will end, or if you aren’t good enough, or unworthy.

You aren’t afraid of getting hurt. You don’t push love away, or run away, or subconsciously

create reasons why your relationship will let you down.

You are at peace with yourself, and can channel your energy into creating what you want,

not protecting what you don’t want to lose.

By loving yourself  you will break the cycle of the negative thoughts, arguments and worries,

so you can feel at peace and enjoy open, genuine relationships free of drama and tension.