Habits to make your life happier

Set aside 10 minutes every day for a conversation that doesn’t revolve around to-dos

or daily minutia.  Having open-ended conversations is critical to

maintaining a happy relationship.
Take a quick break from being an office hermit – Social time with your colleagues is

the only thing proven to even come close to making us as happy as we are outside

the office, according to a study from the London School of Economics.


Buy some flowers for the home – Plants and flowers might serve as a subconscious

cue that our environment is safe and prosperous, giving you a more positive

outlook for the day.   One way to see the world through more rose-colored glasses

is to actually see some roses (or any other plant or flower).


Give a hand to workplace workers if they ask for help, provided you have taken

care of your own tasks first.  Studies have found that when people helped others for just

a little bit of time each day, they actually felt like they were less time-constrained,

possibly because their altruistic action made them feel more confident, useful and capable.


Practise good posture as it makes you feel happier,  more enthusiastic, even

stronger. It can also make you more likely to remember the positive things you’ve

got going in your life, according to a small study in the Journal of Behavior Therapy

and Experimental Psychiatry.