Eating Healthy During Christmas

Hey Guys


There are myriad ways to partake in the feasting without sacrificing your  health or

enjoyment in the process.

Eat a protein-rich snack right to slow you down so you don’t hoover everything in sight

when the food comes out.  You are less likely to get tipsy for instance, in a work environment

if you’ve already lined your stomach.

Avoid anything fried or laden with rich sauces. Swap a spring roll for a prawn for instance.

Choose to eat canapes with fresh whole ingredients such as stuffed mushrooms, prawns

and savory melon bites.

Make a beeline for any dish that is based on leafy greens, root vegies and bright colors.

If you are the person who eats everything that is put in front of you, swap a dinner plate

for an entrée plate.

When you eat in a mindful manner, you are inclined to think about the taste, texture

and sensation of the dish.  By going slow and appreciating what is in front of you, you are far less

likely to over-eat or make poor choices.

To avoid a hangover and ensure that you stay hydrated and sober during the occasion,

drink sufficient water in addition to other beverages.  It is advisable to avoid sugary cocktails or cut

completely any mixers in the spirits.

It is just as important to stay active during the festive season.  Taking some long

walks,  having a yoga practice  or going for a swim will enable you to balance things out.