Capture those mindful moments

The majority of us are so caught up with the daily demands of everyday life that we

do not seem to appreciate those beautiful moments that life has to offer.

By learning how to connect and be mindful as we go about our daily business of living,

enable us to maintain a sense of peace and calm.

For those who are seeking to bring more balance back in their daily lives, the

following tips might be helpfuful:


  • Daily breathing – observe each breath as it comes in and out.
  • Relax muscles – notice the tension in the different areas and let it go
  • Flow – focus on the moment. Do one thing at a time and enjoy the peace and ease this offers.
  • Connect to color –Blue and green are calming and balancing colours. They are healing for the eyes.
  • Just allow yourself a few moments of doing nothing. By letting it all go, calms the mind and body.

By cultivating moments of mindfulness, we become more aware of what’s happening around us

and appreciate the infinite blessings that have been given to us.